From Popcorn Ceiling Removal to Outdoor Decor

Ripping down your pre-1980’s ceiling, or opting for professional popcorn ceiling removal, is just the tip of the design iceberg for most homeowners today. From elaborate patio design to the more everyday alteration of a curtain or ceiling, homeowners continue to pursue satisfying decor. As downturns in the economy impact national and household budgets, homeowners can benefit by including new priorities as part of their design process. While making expensive financial decisions, it may be wise to look more toward the future, keenly evaluating the sustainability of the project from start to finish.

Material Choices & Longevity:

Home remodels can have two facets: aesthetic and functional updates. In the example above, acoustic or popcorn ceiling removal, incorporates both worlds of design and function; while one homeowner might choose this process to update a style, another may be pursuing a healthier home to offset damage done to an asbestos containing ceiling. With each decision, comes the need to use a forward thinking mindset: to choose practitioners and replacement materials which have the best chance of satisfying the inhabitants for the long haul.

Outside of the home, using more durable materials for outdoor design brings the same benefit. Creating unique and personalized outdoor decor has long been the goal of homeowners and home designers. Motivations such as these have propelled each group to use styling methods which complement specific areas with a unique configuration of more durable materials. Adding a unique touch has value as well. Pavers, custom-styled pieces of exterior flooring, are one in a list of materials with these distinctive design uses.

Personality & Longevity:

Homeowners can also seek out options which fit them to the tee, thereby improving the likelihood of long-term satisfaction. Take the above example. Otherwise known as paving stones, these concrete substitutes can take on the appearance of tile, natural stones, natural mineral-based materials and more. The endless number of potential patterns and styles formed by any unique combination of paver shapes affords designers many choices. In addition, homeowners can receive new inspiration; for the common outdoor areas, there is plenty of room for combining innovative personal designs and eye-pleasing comfort.

In Garden Paths: Inspiring Designs and Practical Projects by Gordon Hayward, homeowners are encouraged to identify slight style differences which please them. Similarly, in educational materials regarding the construction of paving stones, designers are pointed toward diversity. These themes free homeowners to find a personalized style which can satisfy them for the long haul.

Regarding diversity, variations in the proportion of natural minerals, texture, structure and finish type can alter the color of a paving stone. And the same is true for many essential materials used in remodels today. Altogether, these highly adaptable aspects of the material help to create a style and pattern which is memorable for owners, visitors and designers of the space.