Other Outdoor Decor Can Really Improve Your Garden

Garden decor is a wonderful way to add interest to your property using things such as fountains, sculptures, yard furniture, bird feeders and baths, ponds, large garden finials, teak benches, vases, plants, old stone urns. Even patio furniture and patio umbrellas can help make your garden area look interesting, distinct and beautiful. Finding and adding unique, unusual or even strange garden accessories can add to the gardens appeal if you stage them properly but still allow the beauty of the flowers and plants to show. Whether you live in the city with a postage-sized piece of property or have a huge garden area, there are ways to create different effects such as comfort, elegance, calmness, excitement, formality or even an ‘outdoor room’ effect, depending upon your design.

Outdoor garden decor that has a permanent location creates interest in not only the summer but also the winter months. Although outdoor garden decor such as a fountain or water garden creates a central point of interest in large or small informal or formal garden settings, never use decor too large for the area or too many ornaments so it becomes overwhelming and the garden becomes cluttered looking.

The charm of a garden ornament placed in the correct area will help you produce the ambiance or atmosphere you are looking for in a garden. For people wanting a more formal setting, the correct placement of a large fountain, a pair of detailed, elaborate large Grecian urns or an elegant sculpture is a great way to add to the formal design or feel of the garden. In an informal setting or for a natural looking garden, whimsical ornaments placed throughout your garden, the glimpse of a small stone sculpture amongst the hostas or even a squirrel ornament peeking from behind a tree is all that is necessary. Create an unexpected glimpse or surprise effect by hiding smaller garden ornaments or unique pieces throughout the flowerbeds and gardens. For Japanese type gardens, building a water or koi pond with a bridge over it or a simple large stone lantern or statue will produce a stunning sight. A wonderful way to soften the look of architectural and sculptural pieces is by encouraging moss to grow on them or having vines trail over them. Some other tips to improve the look and feel or your garden include:

  • If you are just starting to landscape your property, focus on a specific area, add a main point of interest such as a gazebo, large statue, patio table and patio umbrella, fountain or waterfall and then build the gardens and decor around this.
  • Add style, architectural form and interest to the decor of your garden by adding some wicker patio furniture.
  • Enhance the decor of your garden by using some of the many interesting, unique outdoor lightening options available on the market today.

Remember that garden decor is a completely personal choice so always use ornaments and decorations that appeal to your sense of taste.