Saving Ways to Improve Outdoor Appeal

First impression is a huge factor when selling your house. Potential buyers can feel discouraged inspecting your home interior after seeing the bad home exterior. In here, I have provided six cost effective ways to improve your garden so your home can get a good first impression.

1. Accessorize (with care)

Gardens require accessories as well. An affordable way to adding appeal and making your garden stand out of the crowd is by adding some simple yet attractive pots and large vases.

Adding some cushions on an outdoor lounge can make the space look livelier. Creative things can convert an average looking area into something extraordinary.

You can place sculptures or art works in your garden to create a more interesting look on the perennial water feature. Make sure not to go overboard with your design. Make the accessories blend with the overall style and look of your house.

2. Tidy up

If you want potential buyers to have a great first impression, you need to provide your outdoors with the same amount of love and attention you provide on your indoors.

Do some thorough cleaning until your home exterior is looking its best. Remove clutter, clear paths and hide items in sheds. Focus and clean one area at a time to make sure you cover all the spots that need to be cleaned. Allow someone to examine your work as there might be flaws and issues you fail to observe.

You do not need to make your yard enchanting. You just need to make people feel that they can maintain it without doing a lot of work.

3. Grow your own

One method that can add some personality to your home’s exterior is by adding herb garden.

A craftily placed veggie patch promotes a warm sensibility. More importantly, you can experience delights of making meals with the fruits of your own efforts.

You can utilize hard materials to produce a stylish planter to cover your pickings, or utilize decorative objects like rocks or bark to frame it inside a larger garden.

4. Add furnishings

Adding some selected outdoor furniture such as chairs, benches, tables and lounges, produces an outdoor living space attractive for entertaining guests as well as provides potential to add value to the property.

Learn the colours and contrast that can add vibrancy. This is useful especially if you do not have enough colors or flowers around your yard.

Take seasonality into consideration. Know whether the pieces need to be weatherproof, or would easily be destroyed against storms.

5. Create privacy

Most wide open spaces are romantic, but there are people who prefer smaller spaces since they promote a sense of intimacy and privacy.

Replace the industrial fence with strategically planted shrubs and trees as your protection against prying eyes.

Hedges add focused form and boundary. Adding trellises or lattice for ramblers like creepers and roses can produce subtle screening.

6. Go native

The weather in Australia can be unkind to a humble garden. Never work against the elements, instead, work with them by knowing which native plants can blend in your area and how you can work them into your garden.

Natives produce a simple harmony that is hard not to like. The great thing about them is they are low maintenance which is attractive for any potential buyers or renters.

7. Keep your options open

Avoid making decisions that may push away potential buyers. While additions such as tree houses, homemade cricket pitches or highly ornate features are oozing with personality, they may discourage buyers with different tastes.